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Commit 7e29a7aa authored by alex@thinkpad's avatar alex@thinkpad
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QEMU: output dummy data (zeros) on read EDMAC connections

Fixes FA_CaptureTestImage on 700D and 650D.

branch : qemu
parent c5dfbe4761ec
......@@ -565,7 +565,20 @@ static int edmac_do_transfer(EOSState *s, int channel)
load_fullres_14bit_raw(s, s->edmac.conn_data[conn].buf, raw_width, raw_height);
else if (conn == 6 || conn == 7)
/* pass-through; wait for data sent by some other channel on the same connection */
/* nothing to do here */
fprintf(stderr, "[ENGINE] FIXME: returning dummy data on <%d>\n", conn);
s->edmac.conn_data[conn].buf = malloc(transfer_data_size);
s->edmac.conn_data[conn].data_size = transfer_data_size;
memset(s->edmac.conn_data[conn].buf, 0, transfer_data_size);
if (s->edmac.conn_data[conn].data_size < transfer_data_size)
fprintf(stderr, "[EDMAC#%d] Data %s; will try again later.\n", channel,
0bb52a078f84680f248e7718ca9dc26f frsp.ppm
0bb52a078f84680f248e7718ca9dc26f frsp.ppm
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