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Commit 85a07f10 authored by alex@thinkpad's avatar alex@thinkpad
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QEMU: updated 80D tests for 1.0.2; DCIM test also works!

branch : qemu
parent b6c5710afebb
b8c16fbc8836b39effeb9562c29de601 calls-main.log
7c5291f6f852dac04f2eeb9456934110 calls-main.idc
7e0e3ddb5355fe5168900ed0fdfafab3 calls-main-basic.log
b8cdbcac55763f74d7f85bd64fde34cb calls-main-basic.idc
a0030e86114c5598f05b4e7761d56104 calls-main.log
7d034bd1f9b8e4d9462fcf5d9ab085b8 calls-main.idc
b93c4135fe460fa4d12c0132720d85ed calls-main-basic.log
57c792d15bdd8d55aff95c780fd3ae26 calls-main-basic.idc
140036b328519fa521153d427818213b disp.ppm
f8fd4ffd9a4dc31af8d1e2724509ca99 disp.ppm
......@@ -998,9 +998,9 @@ function test_dcim {
echo "Testing file I/O (DCIM directory)..."
# Currently works only on models that can boot Canon GUI,
# and also on 1300D.
# and also on 1300D and 80D.
# we need to check the card contents; cannot run in parallel
for CAM in ${GUI_CAMS[*]} 1300D; do
for CAM in ${GUI_CAMS[*]} 1300D 80D; do
run_test dcim $CAM
done; cleanup
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