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Commit 88105657 authored by Roald Frederickx's avatar Roald Frederickx
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fixed bug wrt remote audio trigger and self timer

branch : 550d
parent 7b5fdb02bff8
......@@ -3079,6 +3079,13 @@ shoot_task( void* unused )
if (audio_levels[0].peak > audio_levels[0].avg * (int)audio_release_level)
/* Initial forced sleep is necesarry when using camera self timer,
* otherwise remote_shot returns right after the countdown
* and the loop below seems to miss the actual picture taking.
* This means we will trigger again on the sound of the shutter
* (and again, and again, ...)
* TODO: should this be fixed in remote_shot itself? */
while (lens_info.job_state) msleep(100);
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