Commit 8b4b3c19 authored by g3gg0's avatar g3gg0
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mlv_play: show bit depth and compression in top bar

branch : crop_rec_4k
parent 72345e3a1776
......@@ -1959,7 +1959,6 @@ static void mlv_play_mlv(char *filename, FILE **chunk_files, uint32_t chunk_coun
struct struc_DecodeLosslessSetup decode_opts;
decode_opts.address = buffer->frameBufferAligned;
......@@ -2016,7 +2015,7 @@ static void mlv_play_mlv(char *filename, FILE **chunk_files, uint32_t chunk_coun
snprintf(buffer->messages.topLeft, SCREEN_MSG_LEN, "%02d.%02d.%04d %02d:%02d:%02d", rtci_block.tm_mday, rtci_block.tm_mon + 1, 1900 + rtci_block.tm_year, rtci_block.tm_hour, rtci_block.tm_min, rtci_block.tm_sec);
snprintf(buffer->messages.botLeft, SCREEN_MSG_LEN, "%s: %dx%d", filename, rawi_block.xRes, rawi_block.yRes);
snprintf(buffer->messages.botLeft, SCREEN_MSG_LEN, "%s: %dx%d %dbpp%s", filename, rawi_block.xRes, rawi_block.yRes, rawi_block.raw_info.bits_per_pixel, (main_header.videoClass & MLV_VIDEO_CLASS_FLAG_LJ92)?" LJ92":"");
snprintf(buffer->messages.botRight, SCREEN_MSG_LEN, "%d/%d", vidf_block.frameNumber + 1, frame_count);
/* update dimensions */
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