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Commit 9ecffdbb authored by alex@thinkpad's avatar alex@thinkpad
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mlv_lite: fix crop offset (8-pixel offset when trying to correct focus pixels)

Workaround for existing files (before this change):
(panPosX & ~7) should give the correct X offset for existing lossless files.
((panPosX + 7) & ~7) should match cropPosX and should be correct for uncompressed files.

branch : crop_rec_4k
parent fe4e5f79138f
......@@ -2494,7 +2494,7 @@ static void compress_task()
int compressed_size = lossless_compress_raw_rectangle(
outSuite, fullSizeBuffer,
raw_info.width, skip_x, skip_y,
raw_info.width, (skip_x + 7) & ~7, skip_y & ~1,
res_x, res_y
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