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Commit a683fdb9 authored by alex@thinkpad's avatar alex@thinkpad
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GDB scripts: some experimental 80D patches, to be fixed in the emulation

branch : qemu
parent 17b0443c691b
......@@ -3,4 +3,20 @@
source patch-header.gdb
# UTimer (fixme)
set *(int*)0xFE5998C6 = 0x4770
# experimental patches
# they probably do more harm than good - figure out what's up with them
if 1
# startupPrepareCapture: pretend OmarInit was completed
set *(int*)0xFE0D91C8 = 0x4770
# SHT_CAPTURE_PATH_InitializeCapturePath
set *(int*)0xFE1C0BF4 = 0x4770
# startupPrepareDevelop
set *(int*)0xFE0D52C2 = 0x4770
source patch-footer.gdb
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