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Commit b35d23ed authored by alex@thinkpad's avatar alex@thinkpad
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QEMU: allow reads to EDMAC CHSW registers

(required for FA_CaptureTestImage emulation on 6D and others)

branch : qemu
parent fcc92f69e695
......@@ -865,8 +865,14 @@ unsigned int eos_handle_edmac_chsw ( unsigned int parm, EOSState *s, unsigned in
unsigned int ret = 0;
/* fixme: reads not implemented */
assert(type & MODE_WRITE);
if (!(type & MODE_WRITE))
/* apparently these reads are just bugs in Canon code */
msg = KLRED"unexpected read"KRESET;
// assert(0);
goto end;
if (value == 0x80000000)
/* ?! used on M3 */
1ddca1d13a942d9e1e7f8f57832fd663 frsp.ppm
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