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Commit b6e74311 authored by hudson@kremvax.wan's avatar hudson@kremvax.wan
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Typo in address of dispcheck

parent 8f513e0c3c26
......@@ -101,7 +101,7 @@ NSTUB( 0xFF86C704, oneshot_timer )
NSTUB( 0xFF81DE08, hotplug_task )
NSTUB( 0x1AA4, hotplug_struct )
NSTUB( 0x1AD8, hotplug_usb_buf )
NSTUB( 0xFF864679, dispcheck )
NSTUB( 0xFF864678, dispcheck )
NSTUB( 0x27624, bmp_vram_info )
NSTUB( 0x38920, vram_info )
NSTUB( 0xFFA413FC, vram_get_number )
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