Commit c7e6866e authored by alex@thinkpad's avatar alex@thinkpad
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QEMU install: always apply the patch for recent GCC

- required for any gcc 7.x and newer (tested up to 10.x)
- doesn't break gcc 5.x
- it also helps some recent clang versions
- renamed qemu-2.5.0-gcc78.patch to qemu-2.5.0-recent-gcc.patch

branch : qemu
parent e56334c4b416
......@@ -527,17 +527,19 @@ mkdir -p tests
cp -r $ML_PATH/contrib/qemu/tests/* tests/
chmod +x tests/*.sh
# apply our patch
# apply our patches
mkdir -p hw/eos
cp -r ../$ML_PATH/contrib/qemu/eos/* hw/eos/
cp -r ../$ML_PATH/src/backtrace.[ch] hw/eos/dbi/
if gcc -v 2>&1 | grep -q "gcc version [789]"; then
# hopefully these will also work for gcc 9.x (not tested)
patch -N -p1 < ../$ML_PATH/contrib/qemu/$QEMU_NAME-gcc78.patch
git add -u . && git commit -q -m "$QEMU_NAME patched for gcc 7.x and 8.x"
# although created for gcc 7.x and newer compilers,
# this doesn't break gcc 5.x and it also helps clang
echo "Patching $QEMU_NAME for recent compilers..."
patch -N -p1 < ../$ML_PATH/contrib/qemu/$QEMU_NAME-recent-gcc.patch
git add -u . && git commit -q -m "$QEMU_NAME patched for recent compilers"
echo "Patching $QEMU_NAME for EOS emulation..."
patch -N -p1 < ../$ML_PATH/contrib/qemu/$QEMU_NAME.patch
# don't commit this one - we'll use "git diff" to update the above patch
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