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Commit d22dc0a5 authored by alex@thinkpad's avatar alex@thinkpad
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QEMU: fix USB CONNECT on 450D/1000D

(incidentally, this also fixes the card format dialog on these cameras - likely UILock issue)

branch : qemu
parent 7f1a436c2040
...@@ -2717,6 +2717,7 @@ unsigned int eos_handle_gpio ( unsigned int parm, EOSState *s, unsigned int addr ...@@ -2717,6 +2717,7 @@ unsigned int eos_handle_gpio ( unsigned int parm, EOSState *s, unsigned int addr
case 0x015C: case 0x015C:
case 0x017C: /* 5D3 */ case 0x017C: /* 5D3 */
case 0x0130: /* EOSM */ case 0x0130: /* EOSM */
case 0x0100: /* 450D, 1000D */
msg = "USB CONNECT"; msg = "USB CONNECT";
ret = 0; ret = 0;
ea4cd55a3d1d547dea1f3842b3fdf2ee calls-main.log dac7332b2000d34c109226b8e3b98f49 calls-main.log
27f96caead13efc40a41be7203abda54 calls-main.idc 8107037354a54fb69346cfd210a53505 calls-main.idc
093c89eff3f629e5281d6501bd834723 calls-main-basic.log 99763715c69ed1750e7812087625fa27 calls-main-basic.log
d1d96a9bd0a692043c28b32f20facb2e calls-main-basic.idc 886fc6ddb3fdf147c505bf28eb919563 calls-main-basic.idc
f89bfc6c653bd3900f3a557a45f6e9bf format0.png
10940cd040f229484e4ef43c4060f9c5 format1.png
67e0fd388c8a7eebe8458f798a2759d9 format2.png
0026c3463ea1ce4ffd224d0f4b7abb20 format3.png
71750f9b84c396cc00668d7181515373 format4.png
67e0fd388c8a7eebe8458f798a2759d9 format6.png
d966101577f2f751b4ac02a7b3d267a7 format7.png
b64dfe9c2cda634681272183b978d8f3 calls-main.log ef6eb2d66c10cd17b99812f4ca6af6f4 calls-main.log
1fe4be234b21e5906adda11ef9d38a26 calls-main.idc bb3fda516f288b8e469dc24eda5a9b0e calls-main.idc
3f583150c92ce4a02b3a57a81595fe4e calls-main-basic.log c41f31928d887bb796489740ab0f100d calls-main-basic.log
59fe87a91a993176d420d3c1ece38a3a calls-main-basic.idc 00ce53cea7a39978a12aa4ddf6960c93 calls-main-basic.idc
368d1d35fb844fae7a0749541bd6e755 format0.png
989d75bcf00c516d9fee75f2fd487473 format1.png
da4bddca305e7d2dfa55ccc41bbd7e47 format2.png
82db4a04d0a6d46e16f61d1b35467d3d format3.png
ac16090a96591c1da45591f3e9486b9d format4.png
da4bddca305e7d2dfa55ccc41bbd7e47 format6.png
354a7acd11df90af6d9e19158275bce5 format7.png
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