Commit f17a2c52 authored by alex@thinkpad's avatar alex@thinkpad
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QEMU: updated emulation for 7D2 1.0.4 (ROM from real hardware; no longer using 80D bootloader).

Some workarounds were required to emulate the bootloader. Communication between the two cores is not yet handled.

branch : qemu
parent 31c30bf87de5
......@@ -5418,10 +5418,17 @@ unsigned int eos_handle_digic6 ( unsigned int parm, EOSState *s, unsigned int ad
switch (address)
case 0xD20B071C:
case 0xD0034068:
case 0xD0034020:
msg = "7D2 comm";
ret = rand();
case 0xD203046C:
case 0xD203086C:
ret = 1;
msg = "7D2 init";
ret = 1;
case 0xD2030000: /* M3: memif_wait_us */
......@@ -497,7 +497,7 @@ struct eos_model_desc eos_model_list[] = {
.ram_size = 0x20000000, /* 512MB */
.current_task_addr = 0x28568,
.card_led_address = 0xD20B0C34,
.ram_manufacturer_id = 0x18000103, /* 80D bootloader */
.ram_manufacturer_id = 0x14000101,
.name = "7D2S",
2825197abba56bf6c55de882db2fc301 calls-from.log
bc3ad7ec5bffc7f064107a4df0963555 calls-from.idc
ba363c0aac2aebbc3a041e59a9d010ac calls-from-basic.log
595bb44462c00fed7d6214ed30eb8d9a calls-from-basic.idc
8a5793964acfea9506b1205f13c35cdf calls-from.log
32109d9bd06297b429107bc8d262c512 calls-from.idc
a1fde89bf68a47356d4b4c5af324d024 calls-from-basic.log
554cc19d0bba1bae5f7b23bf2887a856 calls-from-basic.idc
b42a23ec70c330ebc12774e99c863da8 calls-main.log
133bb22758083742aea74d9d1821ee40 calls-main.idc
56ddf8081c9487ec55f2b2a35826efe9 calls-main-basic.log
1632d7ac718a3fb79e0b5efd72787091 calls-main-basic.idc
3c2e8c3698c1654db4bc106236b74815 calls-main.log
dc8d89dcc337a6c95616a2dfe714ee71 calls-main.idc
68ff0eae9c0eefc1742964a214858eaa calls-main-basic.log
e18550b14074b05faa64fc00e1febe85 calls-main-basic.idc
a088a02b398418fd2366c5174d77939e disp.ppm
eb77994a9019f71ebe9be50313dddd08 disp.ppm
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