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VRAM: enabled workaround from 03c5f4366259 on all models

(fixes Arkanoid, benchmarks and others on fresh startup in photo mode, without any images on the card)

branch : lua_fix
parent e41108578921
......@@ -2716,20 +2716,20 @@ static void grayscale_menus_step()
prev_sig = sig;
#ifdef CONFIG_5D3
if (get_yuv422_vram()->vram == 0 && !lv)
/* 5D3-123 quirk: YUV422 RAM is not initialized until going to LiveView or Playback mode
* (and even there, you need a valid image first)
* Workaround: if YUV422 was not yet initialized by Canon, remove the transparency from color 0 (make it black).
* Any other cameras requiring this? Probably not, since the quirk is likely related to the dual monitor support.
* Any other cameras requiring this? At least 6D shows artifacts in QEMU when running benchmarks
* or playing Arkanoid. 700D and 1100D also have uninitialized buffer. 550D and 600D are OK.
* No side effects on cameras that don't need this workaround => always enabled.
* Note: alter_bitmap_palette will not affect color 0, so it will not break this workaround (yet).
alter_bitmap_palette_entry(0, COLOR_BLACK, 256, 256);
if (bmp_color_scheme || prev_b)
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