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Commit ff66e71b authored by alex@thinkpad's avatar alex@thinkpad
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lua_dryos: minor doc updates

branch : lua_fix
parent 9c3a93e75ab2
......@@ -592,11 +592,13 @@ static int luaCB_card_index(lua_State * L)
/// - `B:/DCIM/100CANON/IMG1234` (without extension)
// @tparam[opt=0] int file_offset 0 = last saved image, positive = future images, negative = previous images.
// @tparam[opt=nil] ?string|nil = preferred extension, nil = automatic.
// @tparam[opt=nil] ?string|nil extension Suffix to append to the file name: `".CR2"` or `".JPG"`
// or `nil` = autodetect from picture quality setting (CR2 for RAW+JPEG).
// @function image_path
// @treturn string
else if(!strcmp(key, "image_path")) lua_pushcfunction(L, luaCB_card_image_path);
/// Get the type of card (SD or CF).
/// Get the type of card (`"SD"` or `"CF"`).
// @tfield string type
else if(!strcmp(key, "type")) lua_pushstring(L, card->type);
else return luaCB_directory_index(L);
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