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Commit 09b31aa0 authored by Sushil Khanchi's avatar Sushil Khanchi 🐨
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evolve: resolutionparent should be succs of otherp1

In current behavior when one of the divergent cset is ahead
of other, we set successor of ahead one's parent as resolution
This patch make sure that we follow the same logic for the case
when "other" is ahead of "divergent".
parent 5907b495901e
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......@@ -413,7 +413,7 @@ def _prepcontentdivresolution(ui, repo, divergent, other, evolvestate):
relocatereq = True
divergent, other = swapnodes(divergent, other)
resolutionparent = divergent.p1().node()
resolutionparent = repo[succsotherp1].node()
msg = _(b"skipping %s: have a different parent than %s "
b"(not handled yet)\n") % (divergent, other)
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