Commit 60e8cdce authored by Raphaël Gomès's avatar Raphaël Gomès
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python3: add raw prefix to "troubles"-related dicts

The `` script cannot know that these will be used in a way
that requires to use a system string without some pretty hardcore hardcoding.
parent 079dbf36e884
......@@ -62,9 +62,9 @@
# Evolution renaming compat
'ORPHAN': 'orphan',
'CONTENTDIVERGENT': 'content-divergent',
'PHASEDIVERGENT': 'phase-divergent',
r'ORPHAN': 'orphan',
r'CONTENTDIVERGENT': 'content-divergent',
r'PHASEDIVERGENT': 'phase-divergent',
if util.safehasattr(uimod.ui, 'makeprogress'):
......@@ -1627,9 +1627,9 @@
shouldupdate = opts['update']
troublecategories = {
'phasedivergent': 'phase_divergent',
'contentdivergent': 'content_divergent',
'orphan': 'orphan',
'phasedivergent': r'phase_divergent',
'contentdivergent': r'content_divergent',
'orphan': r'orphan',
specifiedcategories = [k for k, v in troublecategories.items() if opts[v]]
if opts['list']:
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