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obshistory: add predecessorsandmarkers()

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......@@ -160,6 +160,34 @@
yield (tuple(sorted(groupnodes)), tuple(sorted(groupmarkers)))
def predecessorsandmarkers(repo, node):
""" Compute data needed for obsorigin.
Return a generator of (nodes, markers) tuples, where nodes is a tuple of
predecessor nodes and markers is a tuple of obsolescence markers.
Using tuples for everything means no problems with sorted().
predecessors = repo.obsstore.predecessors
stack = [(node, ())]
seen = {node}
while stack:
node, path = stack.pop()
for marker in sorted(predecessors.get(node, ())):
prednode = marker[0]
# Basic cycle protection
if prednode in seen:
if prednode in repo:
yield ((prednode,), path + (marker,))
stack.append((prednode, path + (marker,)))
def _nodesandmarkers(repo, ctx, filternonlocal):
if filternonlocal:
r = obsutil.successorsandmarkers(repo, ctx)
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