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readme: document the purpose of the evolve extension

Another place for the explanation to live.
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......@@ -79,6 +79,22 @@ extension, install the package and use::
evolve.serveronly =
Extension Purpose
The goal of this extension is to provide an appropriate place for code and
concept related to changeset evolution to mature. In this extension we allow
for hackier code, unlocking quick experimentation and faster iterations.
In addition, the evolve extensions support a wider set of Mercurial version,
allowing us to reach a larger user base for feedback. The Evolve extension is
not tight to the Mercurial release cycle and can release new feature and bug
fix at a higher rate if necessary.
Once a concept is ready enough, its implementation is moved into Mercurial
core. The maturation period helped us to get a clearer picture of what was
needed. During the upstreaming process, we can use this clearer picture to
clean up the code and upgrade it to an appropriate quality for Mercurial core.
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