Commit 15befbc2 authored by Anton Shestakov's avatar Anton Shestakov
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topic: rename topicrel() to topicsubrel() while at it

parent 028e4ea75456
......@@ -163,15 +163,15 @@ if util.safehasattr(revset, 'subscriptrelations'):
revset.subscriptrelations[b'stack'] = stacksubrel
revset.subscriptrelations[b's'] = stacksubrel
def topicrel(repo, subset, x, *args):
def topicsubrel(repo, subset, x, *args):
subset &= topicset(repo, subset, x)
# not using revset.generationssubrel directly because it was renamed
# hg <= 5.3 (8859de3e83dc)
generationssubrel = revset.subscriptrelations[b'generations']
return generationssubrel(repo, subset, x, *args)
revset.subscriptrelations[b'topic'] = topicrel
revset.subscriptrelations[b't'] = topicrel
revset.subscriptrelations[b'topic'] = topicsubrel
revset.subscriptrelations[b't'] = topicsubrel
# x#y revset operator support (no support for older version)
# hg <= 5.3 (eca82eb9d777)
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