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Commit 16385656 authored by Anton Shestakov's avatar Anton Shestakov
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tests: add blank lines to test-topic-tutorial.t to fix .rst syntax

This file is converted to .rst using docs/ in a pretty simple and
straightforward way, and it's possible to just embed chunks of reST inside the
.t file. However, it's necessary to make sure these chunks follow the reST
syntax (and that includes having blank lines after indented blocks.

Noticed when building a .deb: sphinx complained "WARNING: Explicit markup ends
without a blank line; unexpected unindent."
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......@@ -332,6 +332,7 @@ changeset of default without a topic:
And updating back to the topic reactivates it:
$ hg update food
......@@ -1516,6 +1517,7 @@ Let's take a look at `hg log` once again:
Multi-headed stack
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