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obsdiscovery: make some variables' names longer

parent f06c76832c81
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......@@ -300,25 +300,25 @@ def _affectedby(repo, markers):
while node_to_proceed or marker_to_proceed:
while marker_to_proceed:
m = marker_to_proceed.pop()
marker = marker_to_proceed.pop()
# check successors and parent
if m[1]:
relevant = (m[1], )
if marker[1]:
relevant = (marker[1], )
else: # prune case
relevant = ((m[0], ), m[5])
for l in relevant:
if l is None:
relevant = ((marker[0], ), marker[5])
for relnodes in relevant:
if relnodes is None:
for n in l:
if n not in affected_nodes:
for node in relnodes:
if node not in affected_nodes:
# marker_to_proceed is now empty:
if node_to_proceed:
n = node_to_proceed.pop()
node = node_to_proceed.pop()
markers = set()
markers.update(obsstore.successors.get(n, ()))
markers.update(obsstore.predecessors.get(n, ()))
markers.update(obsstore.successors.get(node, ()))
markers.update(obsstore.predecessors.get(node, ()))
markers -= known_markers
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