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Commit 18acdac3 authored by Martin von Zweigbergk's avatar Martin von Zweigbergk
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py3: avoid "%s" for formatting None

parent 22ffbbba695d
......@@ -964,7 +964,7 @@ def _changetopics(ui, repo, revs, newtopic):
# to not be so invasive.
del fixedextra['amend_source']
ui.debug('changing topic of %s from %s to %s\n' % (
c, oldtopic, newtopic))
c, oldtopic or '<none>', newtopic or '<none>'))
ui.debug('fixedextra: %r\n' % fixedextra)
# While changing topic of set of linear commits, make sure that
# we base our commits on new parent rather than old parent which
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