Commit 22e543b8 authored by Martin von Zweigbergk's avatar Martin von Zweigbergk
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evolvecmd: delete bookmark-handling code obsolete since move away from rebase

We haven't relied on `rebase.rebasenode()` since 58370c718183 (evolve:
use `merge.graft` instead of `rebasenode`, 2014-12-13), so we don't
need to compensate for it.
parent 582e3be0a277
......@@ -956,7 +956,6 @@ def _relocatecommit(repo, orig, commitmsg):, extra=extra)
def _finalizerelocate(repo, orig, dest, nodenew, tr, category, evolvestate):
destbookmarks = repo.nodebookmarks(dest.node())
nodesrc = orig.node()
oldbookmarks = repo.nodebookmarks(nodesrc)
bmchanges = []
......@@ -976,8 +975,6 @@ def _finalizerelocate(repo, orig, dest, nodenew, tr, category, evolvestate):
for book in oldbookmarks:
evolvestate[b'bookmarkchanges'].append((book, nodesrc))
bmchanges.append((book, dest.node()))
for book in destbookmarks: # restore bookmark that rebase move
bmchanges.append((book, dest.node()))
if bmchanges:
repo._bookmarks.applychanges(repo, tr, bmchanges)
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