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packaging: create a release check list

This should help other to release version of evolve.

branch : stable
parent 48abf37e552b
......@@ -175,3 +175,61 @@ Then update both your global and repo config files::
byteify-strings = python3 ~/workspace/octobus/mercurial-devel/contrib/ --dictiter --treat-as-kwargs kwargs opts commitopts TROUBLES --allow-attr-methods
byteify-strings:mode.input = file
byteify-strings:mode.output = pipe
Release Checklist
* make sure the tests are happy on all supported versions,
You can use the `contrib/` to merge with the test
compatibility branches.
* make sure there is no code difference between the compat branches and stable
(no diff within `hgext3rd/`),
* update the `testedwith` variable for all extensions (remove '.dev'):
- hgext3rd/evolve/
- hgext3rd/topic/
- hgext3rd/
* make sure the changelog is up to date,
* add a date to the changelog entry for the target version,
* update the `__version__` field of all relevant extensions:
- hgext3rd/evolve/
- hgext3rd/topic/
- hgext3rd/ (if touched)
* create a new Debian entry:
- debchange --newversion x.y.z-1 "new upstream release"
- debchange --release
* sanity check install and sdist targets of
- python install --home=$(mktemp -d)
- python sdist
* tag the commit,
* push and publish the tag,
* upload the tarball to PyPI,
* make an announcement on (possibly on too),
* bump versions of all extensions and add '.dev' (see existing commits as an
- hgext3rd/evolve/
- hgext3rd/topic/
- hgext3rd/
The version we use on the stable branch during development should be
``. The version of the default branch should be ``.
* merge stable into default.
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