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README: timeless typo fixes

This applies some feedback timeless provided me from IRC.
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......@@ -12,18 +12,18 @@ progress.** Please subscribe to the `evolve-testers mailing list
<>`_ to stay up to
date with changes.
This extensions:
This extension:
* enables the "changeset obsolescence" feature of Mercurial core
* enables the changeset evolution” feature of Mercurial core,
* provides a set of commands to mutate your history,
* issues several warning messages when troubles from some mutable appears in
your repository,
* provides a ``hg evolve`` command to deal with such "troubles".
* provides an ``hg evolve`` command to deal with such "troubles",
* improves performance of obsolescence markers exchanges and discovery during
* improves performance of obsolescence marker exchanges and discovery during
push and pull.
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