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unstable-list: add split and fold in content-divergence resolution

This patch adds the current status of divergence resolution when one of
the divergent changeset is a part of split or fold.
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......@@ -262,12 +262,19 @@ predecessor (which acts as the 3-way merge base), there are some situations we n
* they moved on different unrelated branches
* divergent changeset can be orphan as well
* one side of divergence is in public phase
* divergent changeset is part of a split or fold
Details of resolution
Resolution of content-divergence can be understand by dividing it in stages:
Special case: If one of the divergent changeset is part of a split or fold, we don't handle
it right now. But when we are going to support it, it will probably have its own logic and
seperate from generic resolution.
Generic resolution:
The first stage of solving content-divergence is to find the changeset where the resolution
changeset will be based on (which we call the resolution parent or the target parent) and
relocate the divergent changesets on the resolution parent, if apply.
......@@ -282,6 +289,11 @@ Details of Sub cases
.. contents::
D-S: One of the divergent changeset is part of a split or fold
XXX: yet to decide resolution
D-A: Finding the resolution parent
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