Commit 3a02c2d1 authored by Martin von Zweigbergk's avatar Martin von Zweigbergk
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evolvecmd: avoid a ctx->node->ctx conversion

parent 8f6095e88d1c
......@@ -1041,7 +1041,7 @@ def _finalizerelocate(repo, orig, dest, nodenew, tr, category, evolvestate):
bmchanges = []
if nodenew is not None:
obsolete.createmarkers(repo, [(repo[nodesrc], (repo[nodenew],))],
obsolete.createmarkers(repo, [(orig, (repo[nodenew],))],
for book in oldbookmarks:
bmchanges.append((book, nodenew))
......@@ -1050,7 +1050,7 @@ def _finalizerelocate(repo, orig, dest, nodenew, tr, category, evolvestate):
if category == b'orphan':
repo.ui.status(_(b"evolution of %d:%s created no changes "
b"to commit\n") % (orig.rev(), orig))
obsolete.createmarkers(repo, [(repo[nodesrc], ())], operation=b'evolve')
obsolete.createmarkers(repo, [(orig, ())], operation=b'evolve')
# Behave like rebase, move bookmarks to dest
for book in oldbookmarks:
evolvestate[b'bookmarkchanges'].append((book, nodesrc))
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