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evolve: don't describe {obsfate}, but mention that it was upstreamed

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......@@ -159,23 +159,11 @@ Templates
Evolve ship several templates that you can use to have a better visibility
about your obs history:
- obsfate, for each obsolete changeset display a line summarizing what
changed between the changeset and its successors. Depending on the
verbosity level (-q and -v) it display the changeset successors, the users
that created the obsmarkers and the date range of these changes.
The template itself is not complex, the data are basically a list of
successortset. Each successorset is a dict with these fields:
- "verb", how did the revision changed, pruned or rewritten for the moment
- "users" a sorted list of users that have create obs marker between current
changeset and one of its successor
- "min_date" the tiniest date of the first obs marker between current
changeset and one of its successor
- "max_date" the biggest date between current changeset and one of its
- "successors" a sorted list of locally know successors node ids
- "markers" the raw list of changesets.
Evolve used to provide these template keywords, which since have been included
in core Mercurial (see :hg:`help templates -v`):
- obsolete
- obsfate (including obsfatedata, see also obsfate* template functions)
For compatibility, this extension also provides the following aliases to
template keywords from core Mercurial:
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