Commit 1ed3e1f2 authored by Anton Shestakov's avatar Anton Shestakov
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next: make aspchildren filtering code work correctly

`aspchildren` contains revs, not contexts.
parent cd344c0c89f0
......@@ -857,9 +857,9 @@
needevolve = False
aspchildren = evolvecmd._aspiringchildren(repo, [repo[b'.'].rev()])
if topic:
filtered.update(repo[c] for c in aspchildren
if repo[c].topic() != topic)
aspchildren = [ctx for ctx in aspchildren if ctx not in filtered]
filtered.update(repo[rev] for rev in aspchildren
if repo[rev].topic() != topic)
aspchildren = [rev for rev in aspchildren if repo[rev] not in filtered]
# To catch and prevent the case when `next` would get confused by split,
# lets filter those aspiring children which can be stablized on one of
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