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evolve: update the readme with more information about contribution

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......@@ -83,17 +83,25 @@ extension, install the package and use::
How to Contribute
Discussion happens on the #hg-evolve IRC on freenode_.
.. _freenode:
Bugs are to be reported on the mercurial's bug tracker (component: `evolution`_):
.. _evolution:
Please use the patchbomb extension to send email to `mercurial devel
You can use the patchbomb extension to send email to `mercurial devel
<>`_. Please make
sure to use the evolve-ext flag when doing so. You can use a command like
$ hg email --to --flag evolve-ext --rev '<your patches>'
Some of development happens on a public bitbucket repository (`evolve-devel`_) using the topic extension.
.. _`evolve-devel`:
For guidelines on the patch description, see the `official Mercurial guideline`_.
.. _`official Mercurial guideline`:
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