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D-A: Finding the resolution parent
This section is responsible to decide where the resultant changeset should live. If it's unable to
find the resolution parent, we abort the content-divergence resolution. Following are the possible
situations between the two divergent changesets and current support for each situation.
D-A1: one of the divergent changeset is public
Set the parent of public changeset as resolution parent.
Note: After we resolve content-divergence in this case, the resultant changeset will be
phase-divergent with the public side; so then we resolve phase-divergence to completely
resolve the instability.
D-A2: both are on the same parent
Set the parent (or its successor, if apply) as resolution parent.
D-A3: both are on different parents
D-A3.1: one side moved
Set the parent of moved changeset as resolution parent.
D-A3.2: both moved forward; same branch
Set the parent of ahead one as resolution parent.
As most obvious is that, ahead one has the latest changes.
D-A3.3: both moved backward; same branch
XXX: yet to decide resolution
D-A3.4: both moved opposite; same branch
XXX: yet to decide resolution
D-A3.5: both moved; one moved on different unrelated branch
XXX: yet to decide resolution
D-A3.6: both moved on two different unrelated branch
XXX: yet to decide resolution
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