Commit 5cfbec11 authored by Anton Shestakov's avatar Anton Shestakov
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tests: modernize test-check-pyflakes.t

Using newer hg files instead of hg locate, using null bytes as separators,
excluding thirdparty dir.

Copied from test-check-flake8.t.
parent e5406605d8f5
......@@ -7,5 +7,7 @@ Copied from Mercurial core (60ee2593a270)
run pyflakes on all tracked files ending in .py or without a file ending
(skipping binary file random-seed)
$ hg locate -I 'set:(**.py or grep("^#!.*python")) - removed()' 2>/dev/null \
> | xargs pyflakes 2>/dev/null
$ hg files -0 'set:(**.py or grep("^#!.*python")) - removed()' \
> -X hgext3rd/evolve/thirdparty \
> 2>/dev/null \
> | xargs -0 pyflakes 2>/dev/null
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