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evolve: rewrite template keywords section and mention obsorigin

Let's make an emphasis on using template keywords from core, since almost
everything is there now.

Also there's no sub-template keywords for obsorigin because currently it's too
simple (it's using obsfate as an example, which I assume was simplified when it
was upstreamed).

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......@@ -153,11 +153,15 @@ Servers does not need to activate the effect flag recording. Effect flags that
you create will not cause interference with other clients or servers without
the effect flag recording.
Template keywords
Evolve ship several templates that you can use to have a better visibility
about your obs history:
Evolve provides one template keyword that helps explore obsolescence history:
- obsorigin, for each changeset display a line summarizing what changed
between the changeset and its predecessors. Depending on the verbosity
level (-q and -v) it displays the users that created the obsmarkers and the
date range of these operations.
Evolve used to provide these template keywords, which since have been included
in core Mercurial (see :hg:`help templates -v`):
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