Commit 64d7e9a5 authored by Boris Feld's avatar Boris Feld
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test: add a test for current behavior of precursors revset

The precursors revset currently returns the closest predecessors of a revset.
If these predecessors are not known locally, it returns an empty list.
parent eacf6149b678
......@@ -1653,6 +1653,9 @@
rewritten(description) as fdf9bde5129a by test (*) (glob)
(No patch available, successor is unknown locally)
$ hg log -G -r "precursors(7a230b46bf61)"
$ hg obslog 7a230b46bf61 --color=debug --patch
o [evolve.node|7a230b46bf61] [evolve.rev|(2)] [evolve.short_description|A2]
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