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evolve: precursors, successors and troubles are just aliases now

These template keywords follow the old vocabulary, and shouldn't be used, but
we provide them for the time being anyway.

Also mentioning them here will hopefully some day make `hg help -k` find them.
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......@@ -159,12 +159,6 @@
Evolve ship several templates that you can use to have a better visibility
about your obs history:
- precursors, for each obsolete changeset show the closest visible
- successors, for each obsolete changeset show the closest visible
successors. It is useful when your working directory is obsolete to see
what are its successors. This information can also be retrieved with the
obslog command and the --all option.
- obsfate, for each obsolete changeset display a line summarizing what
changed between the changeset and its successors. Depending on the
verbosity level (-q and -v) it display the changeset successors, the users
......@@ -182,6 +176,13 @@
- "successors" a sorted list of locally know successors node ids
- "markers" the raw list of changesets.
For compatibility, this extension also provides the following aliases to
template keywords from core Mercurial:
- precursors (deprecated, use predecessors instead)
- successors (deprecated, use successorssets instead)
- troubles (deprecated, use instabilities instead)
evolutionhelptext = b"""
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