Commit 75e9ea11 authored by Pierre-Yves David's avatar Pierre-Yves David
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evolve: use `merge.graft` instead of `rebasenode`

The core mechanism is properly factorised and have a more stable API.
This is also a good step toward removing the dependency between evolve and the
rebase extension.

This also avoid a breakage with the future 3.3 where some of the rebase API

branch : stable
parent 15492cea54e9
......@@ -806,9 +806,10 @@ def relocate(repo, orig, dest, keepbranch=False):
tr = repo.transaction('relocate')
r = rebase.rebasenode(repo, orig.node(), dest.node(),
{node.nullrev: node.nullrev}, False,
if repo['.'].rev() != dest.rev():
merge.update(repo, dest, False, True, False)
r = merge.graft(repo, orig, orig.p1(),
['local', 'graft'])
if r[-1]: #some conflict
raise util.Abort(
'unresolved merge conflicts (see hg help resolve)')
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