Commit 8c131b97 authored by Anton Shestakov's avatar Anton Shestakov
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obshistory: give a more correct name to a variable

This variable holds a list of predecessors, which obslog presents to graphmod
as parents so the latter could understand the data without the need to
introduce another graph edge type specifically for predecessors.

Also remove debug comments.
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......@@ -369,10 +369,8 @@
relations = nodeprec.get(cand, ())
relations = obsutil.closestpredecessors(repo, cand)
# print("RELATIONS", relations, list(closestpred))
childrens = [(graphmod.PARENT, x) for x in relations]
# print("YIELD", changectx, childrens)
yield (cand, graphmod.CHANGESET, changectx, childrens)
parents = [(graphmod.PARENT, x) for x in relations]
yield (cand, graphmod.CHANGESET, changectx, parents)
def _obshistorywalker_links(repo, revs, walksuccessors=False):
""" Iterate the obs history tree starting from revs, traversing
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