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next: refactor two if blocks into an if-elif block

We already checked the value of `needevolve and opts['evolve']` in the first if
block above. In the first one it need to be True, in the second it needs to be
False for the statements to execute. Since not(a or b) = not a and not b, we
can join the second if block to the first one with an elif while dropping the
explicit check.

For me, this works better, because we're doing the same thing in both of these
blocks (checking if working copy is dirty or not).

branch : stable
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......@@ -882,8 +882,7 @@ def cmdnext(ui, repo, **opts):
if needevolve and opts['evolve']:
hint = _(b'use `hg amend`, `hg revert` or `hg shelve`')
cmdutil.bailifchanged(repo, hint=hint)
if not (opts['merge'] or (needevolve and opts['evolve'])):
elif not opts['merge']:
# we only skip the check if noconflict is set
if ui.config(b'commands', b'update.check') == b'noconflict':
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