Commit 89384ce1 authored by Anton Shestakov's avatar Anton Shestakov
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tests: use to check for flake8

Since we need flake8 to be a python module, we shouldn't use a shell script
with `which` to check for its presence anymore.
parent f354de498737
......@@ -12,3 +12,14 @@ def docgraph():
except ImportError:
return False
return True
@hghave.check("flake8", "Flake8 python linter")
def has_flake8():
import flake8
except ImportError:
return False
return True
#require test-repo
$ checkflake8() {
> if ! (which flake8 > /dev/null); then
> echo skipped: missing tool: flake8;
> exit 80;
> fi;
> };
$ checkflake8
#require test-repo flake8
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