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templatekw: drop {instabilities} keyword, it's in hg 4.6+

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......@@ -22,15 +22,6 @@ eh = exthelper.exthelper()
### template keywords
@eh.templatekeyword(b'instabilities', requires={b'ctx', b'templ'})
def showinstabilities(context, mapping):
"""List of strings. Evolution instabilities affecting the changeset
(zero or more of "orphan", "content-divergent" or "phase-divergent")."""
ctx = context.resource(mapping, b'ctx')
return templatekw.compatlist(context, mapping, b'instability',
@eh.templatekeyword(b'troubles', requires={b'ctx', b'templ'})
def showtroubles(context, mapping): # legacy name for instabilities
ctx = context.resource(mapping, b'ctx')
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