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Commit 93c84d6c authored by Sushil Khanchi's avatar Sushil Khanchi 🐨
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evolve: update docstring of _pickresolutionparent()

parent e393f2717e12
......@@ -287,8 +287,12 @@ def _resolvephasedivergent(ui, repo, prec, bumped):
return (True, replacementnode)
def _pickresolutionparent(ui, repo, divergent, other, evolvestate):
""" if relocation required, decide which divergent cset will be relocated
to the other side"""
"""Return the resolution parent (as rev) for content-divergence.
Decide the cset on which the resolution cset of content-divergence will be
based on, by looking at the current position and phase of both the
divergent csets.
# we don't handle merge content-divergent changesets yet
if len(other.parents()) > 1:
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