Commit 9a561d1f authored by Sushil Khanchi's avatar Sushil Khanchi 🐨
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evolve: remove a check which is already done by rewriteutil.precheck()

We have tests to check if fold is being performed on public cset.
There is no changes in test files because testing that never touched
the part this patch removes, and already caught in rewriteutil.precheck()
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......@@ -22,7 +22,6 @@ from mercurial import (
......@@ -123,9 +122,6 @@ def foldcheck(repo, revs):
if len(roots) > 1:
raise error.Abort(_(b"cannot fold non-linear revisions "
b"(multiple roots given)"))
root = repo[roots.first()]
if root.phase() <= phases.public:
raise error.Abort(_(b"cannot fold public revisions"))
heads = repo.revs(b'heads(%ld)', revs)
if len(heads) > 1:
raise error.Abort(_(b"cannot fold non-linear revisions "
......@@ -142,6 +138,7 @@ def foldcheck(repo, revs):
hint = _(b'set experimental.evolution.allowdivergence=yes'
b' to allow folding them')
raise error.Abort(msg, hint=hint)
root = repo[roots.first()]
# root's p1 is already used as the target ctx p1
baseparents -= {root.p1().rev()}
p2 = repo[baseparents.first()]
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