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topic: don't cache topic of e.g. memctx in _topiccache (issue6500)

_topiccache exists to make us hit the storage less often when we want to look
at topics for any reason. It doesn't make much sense to cache something that is
memory-only and is cheap to access however. Caching things like that was also a
source of a bug where creating multiple memctx instances in one process would
cache topic of the first one and ignore actual content of .extra() of the
others. That was happening because the cache is keyed by .rev(), but all memctx
instances have the same .rev() = None.

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......@@ -4,6 +4,11 @@ Changelog
10.3.4 - in progress
topic (0.22.4)
* topic: don't cache .topic() of memctx instances, as that could produce
KeyError: b'topic' during some rewrite operations (issue6500)
10.3.3 -- 2021-08-13
......@@ -298,6 +298,9 @@ def _contexttopic(self, force=False):
# topic loaded, but not enabled (eg: multiple repo in the same process)
if cache is None:
return b''
if self.rev() is None:
# don't cache volatile ctx instances that aren't stored on-disk yet
return self.extra().get(constants.extrakey, b'')
topic = cache.get(self.rev())
if topic is None:
topic = self.extra().get(constants.extrakey, b'')
......@@ -32,14 +32,13 @@ not using `hg topics --clear -r .` here because that would remove amend_source,
1: amend_source=* branch=default topic=foo (glob)
2: amend_source=* branch=default (glob)
TODO: creating and handling 2 memctx instances (based on 1 and then 2) should work
creating and handling 2 memctx instances (based on 1 and then 2) should work
$ hg touch --hidden -r 1+2 --duplicate 2>&1 | tail -2
del ctx.extra()[constants.extrakey]
KeyError: b'topic'
$ hg touch --hidden -r 1+2 --duplicate
switching to topic foo
TODO: make sure extras stay the same
make sure extras stay the same
$ hg log --hidden -r 3+4 -T '{rev}: {join(extras, " ")}\n'
abort: unknown revision '3' (glob)
3: __touch-noise__=* amend_source=* branch=default topic=foo (glob)
4: __touch-noise__=* amend_source=* branch=default (glob)
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