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Commit c382d8ba authored by Pierre-Yves David's avatar Pierre-Yves David 🐙
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compat: drop 4.3 compatiblity code for 'precursors' revset

parent 8e891b4a54e8
......@@ -41,44 +41,7 @@ else:
return templatekw.showlist('trouble', ctx.instabilities(), args,
if util.safehasattr(templatekw, 'showpredecessors'):
templatekw.keywords["precursors"] = templatekw.showpredecessors
# for version <= hg4.3
def closestprecursors(repo, nodeid):
""" Yield the list of next precursors pointing on visible changectx nodes
precursors = repo.obsstore.predecessors
stack = [nodeid]
seen = set(stack)
while stack:
current = stack.pop()
currentpreccs = precursors.get(current, ())
for prec in currentpreccs:
precnodeid = prec[0]
# Basic cycle protection
if precnodeid in seen:
if precnodeid in repo:
yield precnodeid
def shownextvisibleprecursors(repo, ctx, **args):
"""Returns a string containing the list of the closest precursors
precursors = sorted(closestprecursors(repo, ctx.node()))
precursors = [node.hex(p) for p in precursors]
return templatekw._hybrid(None, precursors, lambda x: {'precursor': x},
lambda d: d['precursor'][:12])
templatekw.keywords["precursors"] = templatekw.showpredecessors
def closestsuccessors(repo, nodeid):
""" returns the closest visible successors sets instead.
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