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Commit d533ded5 authored by Pierre-Yves David's avatar Pierre-Yves David 🐙
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ci: drop extraneous space

There      was      too      many      space.
parent 9034eef6e737
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......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
- hg pull -R /ci/repos/mercurial/
- hg_branch=$(tests/testlib/ "$(hg identify --branch)")
- hg -R /ci/repos/mercurial/ update "$hg_branch"
- hg_rev=$(hg log -R /ci/repos/mercurial/ -r . -T '{node}')
- hg_rev=$(hg log -R /ci/repos/mercurial/ -r . -T '{node}')
- echo testing with mercurial branch="$hg_branch", revision="$hg_rev"
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