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    • Pierre-Yves David's avatar
      topic: add a `exp….topic.linear-merge` option to allow some oedipus · 3946ee4ee3ae
      Pierre-Yves David authored
      If this option is set to `from-branch`, a user can call `hg merge some-topic`
      from a bare branch even if `some-topic` is a direct descendant of the current
      working copy parents. This was previously denied if the changesets was on the
      same branch, since the result would be an "oedipus merge".
      Some user have been requesting this, and this type of merge is one of Gitlab
      standard way of merging a "Merge Request". That new option will unlock issue
      `heptapod#200` and make this mode available for those who wants it.
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    • Sietse Brouwer's avatar
      ngtip: fix TypeError: make revset from revs, not nodes (issue6405) · e25394b6d021
      Sietse Brouwer authored
      This commit does two things:
      - Firstly, it tweaks the ngtip revset test to exercise the -G/--graph
        flag. This successfully triggers the bug when it is present.
      - Secondly, it changes the `ngtip` revset to return a revset made from
        integer revs instead of node hash bytes. The test now passes.
      Details: The TypeError was triggered by running
          hg log -r 'ngtip("default")' --graph
      in a repository with more than one changeset. The --graph tag caused the
      flow of control to call `reachableroots2` with the changeset ID found by
      the `ngtip` revset. Because the changeset ID was a node hash (bytes)
      instead of a rev (int), reachableroots2 raised the following error:
          TypeError: an integer is required (got type bytes)
      branch : stable
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    • Anton Shestakov's avatar
      evolve: clean merge state when content divergence resolution has no changes · 5673730db8d5
      Anton Shestakov authored
      This patch backs out b723805d7fe1, which only hid the problem.
      Usually mergestate is cleared (or should be cleared) when creating a new
      changeset, but sometimes there are situations when there's nothing to commit.
      When solving content divergence resulted in no changes and no new changesets
      were created, mergestate was left untouched. That's a problem because sometimes
      mergestate contains files with conflicts that were already resolved by user,
      and such mergestate only applies to the current wdir parent. Since evolve has
      already dealt with the current wdir parent successfully when it reached this
      code, this is a good place to clean the mergestate.
      branch : stable
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  23. 17 Sep, 2020 2 commits
    • Pierre-Yves David's avatar
      test: adjust output to current stable · b723805d7fe1
      Pierre-Yves David authored
      By keeping a changeset visible longer, the `tip` is no longer at location it was
      previously. This is harmess for the test itself.
      CORE-TEST-OUTPUT-UPDATE: aaeccdb6e654
      branch : stable
    • Pulkit Goyal's avatar
      evolvecmd: don't set `branchmerge=True` while resolving phase divergence · 452651e69848
      Pulkit Goyal authored
      We are not going to create a merge commit, neither we are using two parents in
      any way.
      I am unable to see any reason why `branchmerge` should be passed as `True` here.
      Passing branchmerge as True leads to side effect of having merge related commit
      information stored in mergestate which leads us to having an active mergestate.
      branch : stable