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pick: don't create any successors when there were no changes (issue6093)

Anton Shestakov requested to merge topic/stable/pick-no-changes into branch/stable

For example, when a changeset that user is trying to pick was already grafted or rebased (and no obsmarkers were created), pick will naturally say that there's no changes to commit and will not create the new commit. In that case it should not mark any changeset as a successor of the picked changeset, because the actual file changes were already there before picking.

Technically, pick could (and did before this patch) mark the wdir commit as a successor of picked changeset (may be useful in the most trivial cases when e.g. wdir is a graft of the required change), but there are cases when the picked change is introduced in an ancestor of wdir, or even in multiple ancestors piece by piece. Pick definitely shouldn't be trying to guess something this complicated, so with this patch it always marks the picked change as pruned if it gave no changes to commit.

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