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The short version:
 * Patches should have a good summary line for first line of commit message
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 * Patch series should be sent primarily as Merge Requests[1] or to the
   Google Group[0]
 * Patch needs to do exactly one thing
 * test suite passes (enforced by continuous integration)
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The longer version:

We use a variant of Mercurial's own contribution
system. contains
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their full guidelines. Key differences are (by rule number):

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 1. For hg-git, we're not strict about the "topic: a few words" format
    for the first line, but do insist on a sensible summary as the
    first commit line
 2. You can cross-reference Heptapod issues in the #NNN format
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 10. We use mostly pep8 style. The current codebase is a mess, but new
     code should be basically pep8.

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Mailing list:

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The project is hosted at

To submit a Merge Request, please ask for Developer rights using the
'Request access' link. Then, following the instructions of the following
tutorial should be enough:

If you do a Merge Request, we're still going to expect you to
provide a clean history, and to be willing to rework history so it's
clean before we push the "merge" button.