Commit 7fb27f5d authored by Dan Villiom Podlaski Christiansen's avatar Dan Villiom Podlaski Christiansen
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pinnedrevs: handle missing nodes

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......@@ -81,5 +81,7 @@
# Mercurial pins bookmarks, even if obsoleted, so that they always
# appear in e.g. log; do the same with git tags and remotes.
if repo.local() and hasattr(repo, 'githandler'):
rev = repo.changelog.rev
# build up a list of applicable nodes
nodes = set(map(bin, repo.githandler.tags.values()))
......@@ -85,5 +87,7 @@
pinned.update(rev(bin(r)) for r in repo.githandler.tags.values())
pinned.update(rev(r) for r in repo.githandler.remote_refs.values())
# convert it to revs, taking care to handle unknown nodes
revs = set(map(repo.changelog.rev, filter(repo.__contains__, nodes)))
return pinned
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