Commit 8fa65b8e authored by Manuel Jacob's avatar Manuel Jacob

hggit: fix safebranchrevs() for the case when the remote repo is not a gitrepo

(folded with intermediate revision with new message by Georges Racinet)

The previous conditional was wrong: in current Mercurial, 'co' is in principle
not an integer. The condition on integer has been introduced for the port to
py3, but does not change the fact that changelog.__contains__ is for integers.

The original intent in a90fe3e8a8c3 was probably to exclude local repositories,
but this had the side effect of setting `co=None` in all cases, hence affecting
pulls having nothing to do with hg-git, as the new test demontstrates.

What we really want is to force `co=None` only for remote Git repositories,
for the reasons explained in the comment.

Previous intermediate commit was

  cleanup: eliminate if statement with condition that is always true

  'co' is never an integer. It’s always None or of type bytes. Apparently 'co'
  was of type int some years ago.

  A proper fix would require to fix the lookup() remote comma...
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......@@ -185,18 +185,15 @@ def getversion():
# defend against tracebacks if we specify -r in 'hg pull'
def safebranchrevs(orig, lrepo, otherrepo, branches, revs):
revs, co = orig(lrepo, otherrepo, branches, revs)
if (
not isinstance(co, int)
or hgutil.safehasattr(lrepo, b'changelog')
and co not in lrepo.changelog
if isinstance(otherrepo, gitrepo.gitrepo):
# FIXME: Unless it's None, the 'co' result is passed to the lookup()
# remote command. Since our implementation of the lookup() remote
# command is incorrect, we set it to None to avoid a crash later when
# the incorect result of the lookup() remote command would otherwise be
# used. This can, in undocumented corner-cases, result in that a
# different revision is updated to when passing both -u and -r to
# 'hg pull'.
# 'hg pull'. An example of such case is in tests/test-addbranchrevs.t
# (for the non-hg-git case).
co = None
return revs, co
extensions.wrapfunction(hg, b'addbranchrevs', safebranchrevs)
Load commonly used test logic
$ . "$TESTDIR/testutil"
This test doesnt test any git-related functionality. It checks that a previous
bug is not present where mercurial.hg.addbranchrevs() was erroneously
monkey-patched such that the 'checkout' return value was always None. This
caused the pull to not update to the passed revision.
$ hg init orig
$ cd orig
$ echo a > a; hg add a; hg ci -m a
$ hg branch foo -q
$ echo b > b; hg add b; hg ci -m b
$ cd ..
$ hg clone orig clone -r 0 -q
$ cd clone
$ hg pull -u -r 1 -q
$ hg id -n
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