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ci: test ubuntu 21.04 & 21.10

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......@@ -105,6 +105,37 @@
- "3.15"
- "3.16"
# Test that it is possible to use and run hg-git on Ubuntu without
# compiling any C code, i.e. with stock Dulwich, Mercurial and
# CPython. This should most definitely be the case on the latest
# rolling release without a PPA, although we can live with PPAs on
# older systems if needed.
stage: compat
name: ubuntu:$UBUNTU
- apt-get -qq update
- >
apt-get -qq install --no-install-recommends
gnupg gnupg-agent git unzip ssh
mercurial python3-dulwich python3-setuptools pyflakes3
# get latest coverage, otherwise it might not be compatible
- pip install coverage
- useradd test
- chown -R test *
- >
runuser -u test --
python3 tests/ -v --color=always
--xunit $PWD/tests-$CI_JOB_ID.xml --cover
- mv tests/.coverage coverage-$CI_JOB_ID
artifacts: *test-artifacts
- "22.04"
# Test that the tests pass against the current branches
extends: .base
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